My Mother Sent Me a Selfie, or Communication in the Digital Age.

Last week my mother sent me a selfie.

My mother. A selfie.

The two previous nouns should never enter the same room, much less sentence. It was not long ago that my mother had to set up an email account and would constantly ask me how to “start the email” even though I had put a shortcut right on her desktop. Double clicking was an issue. Now my mother has a fairly sophisticated phone – she even has a touch screen, and she uses said sophisticated phone, apparently, to send me selfies of herself at the grocery store.

I am a young person living in an age when face to face conversation is giving way to digital communication. I am a young adult expecting to graduate college this year and enter the workforce, and though my generation has largely embraced the technology it grew up with, my feelings about digital communication remain ambivalent. While I appreciate the increased accessibility of information the internet has provided, and while I love my tech-gadgets as much as the next 20-something, my free time is more ideally spent with a good book or engaging in face to face conversation with my best friend than scrolling through endless hours of social media, or texting people I barely know. I am an avid reader and a habitual writer. I value communication and understanding. I believe that, even in an online context, communication and effective writing and conversational skills are invaluable to the smooth functioning of society.

I am not sure my already tumultuous relationship with my mother can survive emoticons and selfies.The goal of this blog, therefore, will be to point out situations and examples that highlight the importance of clear communication even, or perhaps especially, in the digital age.


One thought on “My Mother Sent Me a Selfie, or Communication in the Digital Age.

  1. Selfie seems to be the new word of choice when it comes to digital communication currently. Picture messaging such as Instagram and Snapchat make it extremely easy to communicate with friends and family with selfies. I disagree with digital communication becoming the communication of choice. Face-to-face communication is the most channel-rich communication. Digital communication has some disadvantages, ideas can get misconstrued because all channels are not engaged.

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